allislost1We here at RecoveryNC see that the Creative Principle, like Love itself, flows at all times, available for us to utilize in our work to create a just and harmonious world. Yet we truly appreciate those who labor among us to create the art that is joyous and beautiful. From Renaissance times through today, many talented souls have brought us pleasure, wonder, awe and laughter to brighten our days and lift our loads. Painting, literature, music, film, dance, sculpture you-name-it, we appreciate it. Thus this begins an Art appreciation corner to trumpet that which creates art that actually sings truth, illuminating in a more Holographic/Holistic way.

We kick this series off with the Robert Redford vehicle All is Lost. Redford is an accomplished director (Ordinary People, The Horse Whisperer) but in this he works with writer/director J. C. Chandor to play a man literally lost at sea. An audacious conceit, a movie with only one (unnamed) character, it is a superb achievement. I will leave it at that, minimizing words as I admit that one of the many beauties of art is it allows us each our own “take-away” message.

I’m giving it 5 stars.