This week’s Finer Things in Life pick is a documentary, Page One: Inside the New York Times.

photo_05I began my first real job at 16, as a gofer for one of the TV news shows in my hometown of Detroit (at that time the industrial center of the world). A gofer goes-for this and goes-for that, mainly meet the film crews and schlep the film back for processing. Hustle food and coffee for everyone, occasionally do sound on a story for the guy who called in sick. What an education, literally walking the halls of power, with an inside view. Lee Iacocca/Walter Reuther/UAW press conferences, crime scenes, movie premiers! Heady stuff. It began my love affair with all things journalistic especially investigative. Later, I worked in the music business in Michigan, and was at times a Press Agent which afforded me a different view. Recently, I renewed regular contact with the Fourth Estate, drumming up press for RCNC and the September Recovery Rally. This has really driven home, to me, all the changes, mostly due to economics, that our press has been through and the shifting sands of what we call the Media today.

This documentary, revolving around a respected NY Times journalist, David Carr (and man in long-term recovery) does a great job of painting a picture of all that I have seen in the last 44 years. What it was, what it is, what it may shall be.

It’s been said that the conscience of an informed group is God’s Will on Earth. A key word in this concept is informed. We need our journalists.

BTW, it’s on Netflix Instant (as is The Anonymous People) which is one of the 10 best inventions of the last twenty years. Let me know what you think is the best invention of the last twenty years. The best of the best idea will win lunch!