march6-rcmtThe upcoming Recovery Community Messaging Training, at the Governor’s Institute offices, linked here, marks the successful completion of steps created to work us toward our greater vision of Recovery in North Carolina. With the completion of our Opportunity Conference room, seating up to 40, we have another resource to offer to the community (If you have a group aligned with our mission, and wish to reserve the room, contact us @ With the filming of this training we are advancing in the stages of creating a resource library to offer the state, through YouTube and other recovery advocacy avenues.

There are numerous steps, growing from the vision of Anthony McLeod and Jessica Herrmann and others here at GI, that are also blooming.

For example, the hiring of Advocacy consultants, Kathleen Lowe & Jeff Tippett, who is with Targeted Persuasion. For me, having a cogent vision is the easy part. Idealism is a streak within me that time has not weakened. Having a practical plan to enact and get us to the vision is harder. Below I write about the need for a willingness to seek out advice, get coaches, and receive feedback. It’s an interesting thing for me. Everywhere I go people talk about how we need to advocate to the Legislature. The question is, “What do you actually say?”

I have the background and time in to understand what a healthy, efficient system of care looks like. However economically responsible it is, it’s a fairly big recovery picture and the issues become; how do you convey this picture in the time allotted and what is the next right step to create it? To put it another way; I, for one, never want to be in the role of just asking for “more money.” I know, for a fact that is not even necessary. There are many spokes on the wheel of a Recovery Oriented System of Care that we already have in place and do not need more spending on right now.

The vision is real and practical, having been achieved in other locations, but what is needed requires some understanding of the subtleties of …..the whole magilla! This gets into the areas where expertise in language, translation, branding and communicating become vital.

So there we are and it’s exciting. One of the truly satisfying feelings of all life is to have a part in creating a vision, that makes a difference in this world, and then be a part of it coming to fruition. This feeds a truly human need, to create and make a measurable difference, and builds health and esteem, in turn growing immune systems and minds. This is precisely the picture in all this recovery system of care building. We thank you for your support.