In a nutshell, Waynesville was a BIG Success! Allow me to elaborate.

Ably led by Richie Tannerhill, Peer and Family Support Specialist with Smoky Mountain LME/MCO (managed care organization), the area hosted and 138 people showed up for an Anonymous People showing and 90 people stayed after to participate in Recovery Messaging training. At the end, community leaders, family members, those in recovery and assorted folks spoke out on their commitment to recovery as recovery allies. That included Dr. Craig Martin, Chief Medical Officer for Smoky Mountain LME/MCO, Sheriff Gregg Christopher, Waynesville Police Chief Bill Hollingshead, Pastor Matt Ledbetter Light House Baptist, Mia Boyce PSS Appalachian Community Services, Laura Conner PSS Meridian, Teresa Spencer Long Chapel Methodist, Samantha Ledford Lifeworks, Paige Shell Detective Waynesville Police Department, and more. Haywood County schools, SA Coalition, DSS, Occupational, WCU, Aerial Space Center, Homeless agencies, etc.

20+ people signed up for continued volunteer work with Waynesville’s Recovery Community Organization (RCO), whose first meeting next month will begin planning their September Recovery rally.

A textbook example of growth in Recovery and Community, this template will repeat around the state and we invite you to join us and please spread the word.