Resource Fair FlyerSeems to me the managed care organizations (MCO’s) of North Carolina have been increasingly jumping on the Recovery Movement/Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) band-wagon, which is great to see.  Here is a flyer for an upcoming Alliance Resource Fair, with two showings of the Anonymous People plus panels to field questions and discussion afterwards. In NC, MCO’s handle the administration of “public” monies and the provider network for behavioral health. That means substance use disorder and mental health treatment, plus developmental disabilities monies too.

Alliance oversees Wake County. Right now, the companies are merging so I’m not clear exactly how many there are, maybe 8 covering the state. Many have sponsored Anonymous People and Messaging Trainings for their staff plus community providers and stakeholders. They are also reaching out to learn and understand the principals behind ROSC. It’s all good and I for one appreciate those staff working to bring this understanding about.

Cheers to you all!