trevornoahJon Stewart, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show anchor and co-creator is stepping down and they picked Trevor Noah to replace him.  Who?

The intersection where complex(er) understanding meets humor is a gift we want to cherish. That’s what’s up with this guy.

He came to us with something of a blank slate due to being raised and having established his career, in South Africa, outside of America and only arriving here recently. That makes his blast of impressions a mirror for us. Fortunately, he sifts it through a finely tuned socio-political lens, coupled with a willingness to be politically incorrect (pc). Thank God!

Being he’s new on the scene and the fact that the Internet’s shaming trolls maintain constant vigilance Trevor’s caught some flak for his twitter humor.
After checking the twitter jokes I was curious so I watched his comedy special;  Trevor Noah: African American.(  and loved it. Very funny, astute observations of being human in today’s world.  He really works to take small observations and turn them into greater understanding.

There are worse things than pc but not many. At least with a hate-monger you know where you stand. PC tends to come from actual lack of life experience and a desire to appear “nice”.  Nice is not what we need at this time. Nice is where we hide the lies and anger. What we want is kind.  Kind is the leavening factor that softens all. At times kindness + care and concern leads to truth-telling that smarts. Too smart is when we want to pay attention because that is where the truth is. If there wasn’t truth in it, it wouldn’t hurt.

What I’m saying, I believe, transcends any political allegiances. Forget right vs left.  We need to stop thinking in terms of right/left. It shrinks and controls the chance for honest dialogue. It’s been said that a significant portion of millennials get their news from The Daily Show and their comedy from Fox News.  That’s about the search for truth. The constant go-round between Republican and Democrat is not “real”.

Take the side of fiscal responsibility. We’re talking about smaller government and less or no government debt, which of course is implicitly tied to Entitlements and services that the poor need. Most people, most humans, most of us are naturally for efficient budgets and less government intrusion.  But you never hear about that applied to corporate entitlements, outright tax dollars given to huge wealthy corporations.

As to Entitlements, it’s not about hand-outs but hand-ups. Services that raise the quality of life and self-sufficiency of people only pay back financially.  And everyone believes in that!

So I’ll close by saying that  the world does not  need more acronyms and yet I’ve  begun  to construct my own list. Let’s start with this one: WMNLOSOH-we must not lose our sense of humor! 🙂

And hey, thanks to all of you for being there and all that you guys and gals do.