Might we review?

Unite to Face Addiction – www.facingaddiction.org – is holding a National Rally, at the Mall in Washington D.C. October 4th, with attendant events the day before and after. Word is there will be national presenters of great interest including major artists to perform. You may get there any way you like but local organizations are working to organize transportation, busses and maybe a train car or two.

Recovery Communities of NC – our state’s first of many recovery community organizations is a contact for transportation.  For questions, the RCNC/Recovery Community Center phone number is 919-231-0248.

If you are a provider or agency or stakeholder group I would like to ask you to consider promoting this amongst your peoples. If people would like to hook up for rides, the Unite website has a page for each Community Partner, including RCNC, and you can register there and then you will receive information as it progresses. There are numerous details to be worked out, BUT there may be train cars reserved and you gotta admit that would be fun!

Here’s the RCNC/Unite link-to sign up.

Unite has also created support personnel – Outreach Organizers – for various states and ours is Laszlo Jaress, MA and he can be reached at ljaress@facingaddiction.org or 206-753-9978

Here’s a link for more info. Maybe we’ll see you there.