2016ClinicalSupervisionFor years I have said I have a book in me. Of course, then Anthony and Jessica told me to write these newsletters and I had to put up or shut up. Anyways, the book comes from my experience as a man in long-term recovery working in the treatment world and would have three parts. A favorite writer Jim Harrison uses a form of three novellas. Part two would be the topic of Clinical Supervision as the doorway into greater truths. It is a crucial component of a successful recovery oriented system of care. We must support the helpers/teachers/counselors/case managers/nurses of the world so they do not burn out! Not to mention the Mom’s/single mom’s/what-the-heck everybody needs to be supported from burn-out!

What I look for in my life is experience. Those with greater experience are supports for me in my journey. And for my money, my esteemed (glad to call him a) friend, L. Worth Bolton is one of the most experienced teachers in the state. He has seen it from most angles and can expand the understanding of all the facets that make up treatment and recovery. That is why I feel compelled to trumpet this 2016 Clinical Supervision training of his. For those of you in the field, if you’re in need, if more support will improve your practice and life I want to highly recommend this series. Just as we humans must participate in our recovery (medical/physical/mental/spiritual), we workers must actively advocate and participate in our well-being too.