In my previous post I commented on our legal/prison system, including the resources the state has to assist in re-entry for those leaving prison and this was forwarded to me. This linked flyer is for an NC Alcoholics Anonymous conference on Corrections, coming in March. This conference covers all things AA & prison/jail.  Taking meetings into prison/jail, regulations and requirements to attend or lead meetings, who allows AA literature and what kind into prisons, and much more. Technically, our state allows 12 Step to take meetings into virtually every prison and most jails.

That said, some are more “inviting” than others, some have more complicated requirements for attendance (lengths of recovery time, background checks) and it can be real work (strictly volunteer) for those doing service in the prisons. My impression is that AA nationally considers NC a leader in this and out-of-state members consistently attend this conference to learn.  That Wardens have concerns and requirements for prison service is quite understandable AND the fact that this fellowship service costs the state almost nothing means anything we can do to remove barriers to greater participation all the way around seems advised and wise.  We have prisons and we have AA/NA, let’s put them together!  Me, I just love “free” stuff that makes a difference.