I got to know Eddie LeShure while working in the Asheville area. He’s a man in long-term recovery, a drug counselor and a yoga teacher, integrating holistic wellness work into drug treatment. That is not only needed but the wave of the future. His background and heart intersect with mine in multiple ways and give me that brother-from-another-mother (BFAM) feeling that recovery brings. He also has a radio show, with his life & work partner, Margaret Kirschner. The show is on WPVM 103.7 Mondays @ 7pm and I have been invited on to talk about all things recovery April 11th, 7pm! What a blast, I grew up on great radio, volunteered at a college station back in the day, am still devoted to commercial-free radio and expect it to have a renaissance soon. There was a time radio meant something. Let’s bring it back! So listen in if you’re out west, or online at wpvmfm.org. Before you do that, check out this excellent interview Eddie gave.

My April 11th WPVM interview in Asheville, precedes, by one week, the Addiction Professionals of North Carolina (APNC) Spring conference, also in Asheville, where I’ll be presenting on Recovery Messaging with able support from my Special Guest Richie Tannerhill, Peer and Family Support Specialist at Smoky Mountain Center LME/MCO, on the multiple aspects of creating Recovery Community. With Richie in tow, we’re going to blow the roof off the sucka, to coin an admittedly ancient disco phrase. APNC’s conference is April 20-22, say Hi if you’re there!