Like Recovery, Creative Force is an actual, real thing, an energy which flows through the Universe and is available to us all. We can apply the Creative Force to any endeavor. It parallels and is akin to Love, the Energy that flows directly and hangs in the air waiting for us to loosen our armor and build our esteem so we can flow it ourselves. Love can heal anything, Love coupled with Mind created the Universe, Love is the one thing that is not the illusion and the hardest to know (and the ultimate answer).

Music was the Creative Force that triggered and represented the cultural explosion we called the ’60’s. For a moment in time, there was an organic expression of real creative force that empowered people to think and grow. Then came disco. Ok just kidding. Then came Altamont and corporations and co-option.

I loved much of that music, it influenced and affected me and later Prince continued to represent that moment better than almost anyone on Earth. He did it all; magnetic and astoundingly prolific, he could play all the instruments (and often did on his recordings) including startling guitar solos, he could write the songs, in numerous styles, he could produce the records, could sing his heart out, could put together the tightest bands on Earth and tour the world making you need to dance. Oh yeah, he sure enough could dance too. An epic creative force the likes of which we haven’t seen before. His music celebrated Spirit and he was peerless. James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson all-in-one with Chaka Khan/Jill Scott thrown in for sass.

With all that, he managed to maintain a certain aloof mystique which implied the vulnerability of an introvert.

He was authentic, true to himself, taking the risky step of rejecting his record label to get free of their control and gain ownership of his art. Despite hurting his bank account he stuck to his principles, broke free and modeled how to be an artist.

In case it’s not clear, I am deeply experienced in addiction particularly narcotic addiction, personally and through working with people over years. This experience developed an intuitive ability to sniff out problems, from a distance, early and easily. I also worked in the music business for years.

Yet I had absolutely no idea or sense Prince ever had a problem and now it is coming out he used narcotics for years and it probably led to his premature death.

I loved the guy’s talent and music, saw him perform early (NYC in 1981) and multiple times after and I want to share how his death personally affected me.

I’ve gone through emotions when artists I love die, sometimes anger, of course sadness. This time what I feel seems related to Awe.

The overall take-away I feel is respect,

respect for the disease of addiction and my commitment to continue looking after myself in this world to ensure I am balanced, congruent with my heart and healthy.

I mean it, I’m dead serious; if this disease is so bad/so tough/so cunning/baffling and powerful it can kill Prince and imprison James Brown (not to mention countless millions) it sure as hell can get me. So I look after myself; body, mind, heart and soul.