Now, with the budget finished, here’s a final update from APNC’s Mark Ezzell:

The NC General Assembly has announced a final compromise budget. You can read the entire budget here.

Regarding substance use disorder funding:

  • The budget allocates $20 million to go into a new Mental Health and Substance Use Task Force Reserve Fund to help finance the Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health and Substance Use recommendations. Of that funding $10 million is in recurring funds and another $10 is in nonrecurring funds.
  • The budget also provides funding for the Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS) which was included to upgrade their database and include analytical software components- about $1.2 in nonrecurring funds and $300k recurring funds. The budget also mandates physician registration on-but not usage of-CSRS.
  • This year’s budget also restores some of the cuts to single-stream funding to the LME’s that were part of last year’s budget. Under this year’s compromise, there will be a $30 million one-time transfer made this year from Division of Medical Assistance to the Division of MH/DD/SAS and another similar size transfer next year.
  • The budget also creates a 3-year, $500,000 Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment Pilot Program through federally qualified health centers.

There are several other developments this session that are not a part of the budget, such as the naloxone standing order signed recently by the Governor and a provision allowing privately funded needle exchange programs.

All in all, this has been a very successful session for our legislative agenda and SUD community goals.

For reference: From 6/02/16; A Legislative Update on MH/I-DD/SUD IssuesA House and Senate Budget Comparison At-A-Glance