Way back I became attached to the idea of bringing Recovery Messaging to Asheville. It just took a while to find a place. Thanks to the efforts of @RCNC_RCO‘s Doc Holiday, all rested up from his Ok Corral adventure and Vaya Health’s own UN Ambassador to All Things Recovery (and Peer Support Training) Richie Tannerhill, we finally have a location. Richie’s been doing Messaging in the outlying areas for quite a while but I had me a hankering to come to Asheville so all three of us could come together to give our spins on Messaging and the Recovery Movement. It’s Friday the 13th of January 2017.

The Chinese tell us that Friday/13 is a lucky number perceived as a harbinger of change. Change is the one-word answer I give to the question, “What is recovery?” So I’m feeling particularly spiritual when I ponder the great tale of Messaging and the Recovery Movement coming to the great spiritual center of the Smoky mountains – Asheville – as a welcome to the great new Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness –  sunriseinasheville.org on a day of change!! Don’t forget to register!

Maybe see you there.