The 2nd Annual NC Addiction and Recovery Advocacy Day
Family members, allies, and people in recovery will gather at the North Carolina General Assembly, rallying support for solutions that promote:

  • appropriate & adequate treatment on demand,
  • robust recovery support services for individuals and families,
  • and the freedom for people in recovery to live full lives.
  • Come and be counted!

February 28 from 9am – 4pm – Registration and Details
Coordinated by Recovery Communities of North Carolina

Addiction Professionals of North Carolina
1st Annual Policy Summit
Substance use disorder treatment and prevention providers and advocates can expect big changes under new administrations in both Washington and Raleigh. Join national and state policy experts and elected officials in a day-long discussion about changes in substance use disorder policy and the role you and others can play in shaping those policies.

March 6 from 9am – 3pm – Registration and Details


  1. NC Law Enforcement Responses to Heroin and Fentanyl
  2. State Fentanyl and Heroin Death Data
  3. Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion in North Carolina and Across the US
  4. Angel Programs
  5. Individual Law Enforcement Agency Spotlights in Responding to the Heroin/Fentanyl Epidemic in NC
  6. NC Syringe Laws Legal Update
  7. Law Enforcement Naloxone Use in NC
  8. Q+A with Heroin/Fentanyl Users and Retired Users: What Helps?
  9. State Data Update on Heroin and Fentanyl Deaths
  10. What Should Law Enforcement Do for Follow Up Care After a Naloxone Event in the Field
  11. Legislation Aimed at Decreasing the Negative Outcomes Associated with Fentanyl and Heroin Users

March 9 from 8am – 1pm – Registration and Details

National Alcoholics Anonymous Corrections Conference
Bringing Recovery to Prisons around the State – Freedom from Bondage XXIX

  • Speakers, Panels, Workshops and more

March 10-12 from 9am – 3pm –  Registration and Details

Addiction Medicine Conference 
Asheville, NC

Attend the region’s premier conference for SUD related education!

The 2017 Conference will again provide clinically practical and up-to-date substance use related training, applicable across general medical as well as addiction specialty practices.

March 23-26Registration and Details