Today-3/28-the day I’m writing this, at 7am driving in on I-40 there was 30 minutes of grid-lock due to an accident. I moved, which puts me on I-40 a lot more and I have got to say people; we’ve got some issues, we have some driving issues here in the Triangle:

We tailgate- I mean even in the right lane even when you’re speeding somebody’s tailgating you. This is wrong. We swerve through traffic, zig-zagging at high speed, trying to get ahead.  We slam into little spaces in between two cars.  Watching it go on ahead of me I see accidents waiting to happen. Another thing, we simply do not allow people to merge. I came upon a woman stopped dead on a merging ramp because the thick traffic in the right lane would not let her in. She was scared.  I’ve been feeling this for a while but was triggered to write by an accident I saw, driving on a Sunday afternoon. East of the triangle, thinking it will be a leisurely drive but no it’s crowded and we are rushed!  See I’m blessed I get to drive early to avoid the gridlock but even at 6:15 in the morning it’s intense lot of cars lot of speeding lots of tailgating and so it creates a bit of stress.  Sunday afternoon I was shocked to see lots of cars lots of tailgating and then we started slowing way down and I realize there’s been an accident, on the other side.  A Bad accident, multiple cars, a car up on its side, in the middle lane, lots of people frantically working it was clear somebody was inside the car dead or dying, it might have been a child (or more). It was so painful my wife started crying.

It’s easy to criticize society. I want to be fair so I need to say that my anecdotal observation is this is only about 15 to 20% of the drivers. Which is often true, the 80/20 rule.

For example, I believe the statisticians who say (roughly) 20% of the drinkers consume 80% of the booze.  We don’t want to be in denial of the economics that support resistance to change, resistance to recovery for everybody. I mean think about it; if they all quit drinking/got recovery the major liquor companies would take a huge shot to their profit margins. Not to mention all the groovy brewpubs.

Back to I-40, a majority of the drivers are safe drivers. But we really need to work together, with each other. Of course, I tend to see all of life as a metaphor and view these various worries as snapshots of bigger concerns. Merging is a metaphor for “merging” immigrants into the country, say. Also, again on the flip side I have to admit I’m a transplant.  I’ve been here 7 years. I hear all the time how many people are moving here and how many people are gonna move here how many people will be moving here and I think no, now that I’m here no more people. Close the door, which is fully self-centered of me. So I’m part of the problem, the increased traffic. I-40 wasn’t built for the level of population we have now and with more coming it’s strained. And of course I can relate. Some days are long, I’m up at 5:30 so I can leave early and not home until 9:30 pm and rushing, rushing so in numerous ways I might be contributing to the problem so…..instead of whining I am officially on record to grow my courtesy on the road so we see less accidents.