For a while I’ve been in dialogue with Fellowship Hall, the respected, long-standing treatment center in Greensboro. We’d been talking about the recovery movement and how to grow recovery supports, how to grow wider circles of recovery supports within the area, how the provider network can contribute and that led to the upcoming Walk for Recovery, Sunday April 30th.  I want you to know about that, but I have to first point out that Greensboro already had a recovery rally. I know because since day one, people bring it up and tell me how much fun it was. Music and food and speakers. My predecessor, the innovator of, Donna Cotter, a true Recovery Ally, put on a recovery rally in Greensboro, I believe back in 2010.  She worked hard for years to grow recovery visibility and I am grateful we get to stand upon her shoulders. Now Fellowship Hall and others are working to support and grow their local Recovery Movement and really the fact is that the Division of MH/DD/SAS (from the NCDHHS), led by their Deputy Director Flo Stein, with able assistance from Lieutenants DeDe Severino (Program Manager Addictions and Management Operations) and Jessica Herrmann (Contract and Media Team) plus numerous others, have supported efforts to grow recovery and recovery supports within the community going back quite a few years. Today this state has EIGHT recovery centers that I count but it took a dedicated handful of people a number of years to get this momentum we have going now and I always like to honor that.  So, we are coming back with another in Greensboro and I just want you ‘all to come.

UNC-G’s got a Collegiate recovery program going, there’s other excitement abrewin’ (small pun intended) and we’re here to keep that momentum. It’s like streams, streams come together and pretty soon you have a river and pretty soon you have a mighty Mississippi old man river flowing and pulling everybody with it that’s what’s happening in North Carolina and it’s a beauty to see so come on out Sunday April 30th if you’re in the Greensboro/Triad area!

To kick it off we’ll be interviewed, me and Fellowship Hall CEO Mike Yow, Monday 4/24- @ 7:50 am on the WFMY-TV News 2 Greensboro Good Morning Show, on the joys of recovery; bringing visibility while breaking stigma. Just saying.

Learn more and join us!