You’ll see more reminders from me as we work our way toward Addiction Recovery Month.

First and foremost; if you have never planned a Recovery Rally and want to bring one to your area-there are guides that walk you through step-by-step. (Here, Here and Here)

If you have questions, call me and if I can’t answer them there are others around the state who will support your efforts.

Remember to: Get us your event info as you pin those details down. Feel free to send the basics (date, location) for early posting-with a follow-up as your details are finalized. My afore-mentioned partner-in-tech created a website solely for posting those events in an easier-to-navigate form.

As with last year, we remind you; When you know of your event(s), please go in and post them here. This is the SAMHSA page for posting events. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see Post an Event and underneath login. You will then make an account: Name and password.  That’s all it needs. Then you can post AND it will put them all-from different peoples-on the same source/page-since they all have a North Carolina address.