Catherine McDowell, Executive Director of Roots of Recovery, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity in Hampstead, NC, was instrumental in making the date finally happen. I’d been striving to have Messaging on the coast and in the end she got out and promoted it and brought in an eager, open, experienced crowd-it made presenting a joy.

This is all about principles not personalities but I have to give her a shout-out.  I am so touched with her continued efforts and success at creating some Recovery Community on the coast.

Serving the women of North Carolina, Roots of Recovery has developed a 5 stage plan to grow not just Recovery Supports but a Recovery Center and even residential capacity.

It’s all on the website link above. Including a Clothes Closet capacity for women to have a clothing resource for dress-for-success outfits for work.

In May she and her partners raised funds, awareness, energy and $$ with a large, outdoor Yoga Festival. With overwhelming support from the community, over $45,000 was raised”  It looks like a blast was had by all. So, check out the website, sign up for the monthly newsletter and if you’re over that way give them a high-five and a downward dog for their efforts.