As they say on the farm, it’s time for me to “call the cows to some new grass.”

I’m closing the door on this here job; laid off, as of the end of the year.

This is my goodbye email to all of you.

As I wrap up various details, striving to honor commitments, I’m struck with all the varied tasks I have worked on here and how much more there is to do.

But life is a river, ever flowing, many things never completely “done”. And I am reminded by my spiritual teachers, “You can’t push the river.” As the pundits have written about and analyzed; it does give pause and push your back against the wall a bit to lose a job (and insurance) at this age. In two weeks I shall be the glorious age of 64-and-three weeks after, attain 25 years-a quarter of a century-in recovery. I’m no numerologist but for me, 64 and 25 are a couple of lovely numbers. As emotions flow, a part of me is stoked to see what life & work brings me next.

Twenty-three years in the substance use field, I am grateful for this work-grateful to the Division for this chance and experience. Truly grateful to the Governor’s Institute for their support. Governor’s Institute {}is a hard-working, responsible, well-managed non-profit striving to make a difference and I’ll miss them. Be good to them, they deserve your support.

Of all the many things we work on at the Governor’s Institute one of the most visible of my efforts is this newsletter and I must admit I am most grateful for it.

Governor’s has been superbly supportive-Sara and Anthony giving me wide berth-and this newsletter has been the symbol of that and my sweetest task. It has allowed us to communicate things that often cannot be seen or expressed from institutional perspectives. I am truly grateful to you for following along.

I may hang up my blogging shoes or I may continue elsewhere, we shall see.

You can reach me at: / 919-802-7972