What we are going to do with this blog is increase communication.

At times, that will be done by relating diverse pieces of information into a coherent understanding that expands the radius of honest dialogue, creating an opening for healing.

We all have a world view, a paradigm we operate from. Our view comes from many forces, nature (what we are born with, genetics, biology) and nurture (our culture, starting with family). This is how we are inoculated with beliefs.

My life experience includes:

  • Growing up in Detroit where I witnessed the mass exodus of jobs and the mass importation of narcotics.
  • Half a life of active addiction and a second half of life a gift of Grace and recovery. I first entered treatment in 1968 at the age of 15 and have been watching these issues ever since, over a span of six decades.
  • Historical study-alternate history, if you will, to understand how things are connected. Because everything is connected. Just ask a biologist.
  • Working in treatment as a licensed alcohol/drug counselor, for two decades. I was blessed to move through the full ASAM continuum of care we call treatment in America today. This included homeless agencies and the attendant mental health and political lessons those teach.
  • Immersion into Native and holistic worlds, studying cultural technology, wellness, including nutrition and healing.

And more.

There are Universal Truths / laws / values that govern our world view here at RecoveryNC. Starting with recovery. Recovery is a core value that ripples outward, as does all energy. The Laws of Attraction are always working.

That means we will:

Teach Up Stand and Deliver – a great movie, great true story, on Jaime Escalante. The teacher who taught calculus to East LA students no one thought could succeed and they ultimately aced their Advance Placement Exams. This led to hundreds of Hispanic kids, normally given up on, going to college. He believed in them and had high expectations. He called it teaching up. That’s our stance too. The highest good for all is our vision.

Review history-both the world’s and our own. Many great minds have reminded us that you cannot make informed decisions without placing the issue within its broader historical context. This has been shown us through many lenses, for example; The Slaver’s policy was to deny culture/history to their slaves. This created a more easily controlled work force, because a people denied their own history and culture were a lost people.

Integrate Laws of Energy – humans are one being-physical body, energetic body, brain, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit, Self are all one. Every physical issue has an emotional issue. The emotional is the doorway into the spiritual. And vice versa. Maslow (if you read him) unearthed some very interesting studies, on brain/mind integration and linear thought vs Cosmic Consciousness. And then he facilitated some more studies himself.

Speak Truth to Power – in our world,small p politics is all about amassing power. As are big P political campaigns. We have seen what that leads to. We want to grow the collective intention to search for the real truth on our way to wholeness and healing. Intention alone can move mountains.

And more.

Lest this sound (too) heavy, rest assured we plan to have fun. Sprinklings of humor, clarifying statistics, relevant NC and US Recovery events, Art in all its beauty, Wellness information and more.

Thank you for reading, glad to have you on board.

Stay cool out there,