Author: Jimmy Cioe

this won’t hurt a bit

It is simple. Before I lay out exactly “what” is simple, I want to say; I have received help with my writing. I have read books, taken classes, sought feedback. I haven’t actually learned the mechanics of better sentence structure yet but hey, progress not perfection. Two things I realized – I don’t read enough. I used to hoover up books like a vacuum but somehow that got away from me. That shall be repaired. and I think in terms of, and therefore write on what prove to be; a few central themes. I come back to them repeatedly....

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nc one community in recovery conference registration is live

Sure to be an inspiring and informative event, this conference is designed to foster the continuing growth of the North Carolina Recovery Movement, to teach participants how to get recovery programming up and running in their own communities, to showcase some of the most progressive recovery practices and to bring the community of providers and individuals in recovery together as students and partners. This conference is also designed to educate and motivate participants to apply principles of recovery in their personal and professional lives. Wednesday November 8, 2017 from 1:00 PM to Friday November 10, 2017 at 3:00 PM,...

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The Earth is Fine

I read a synopsis of a history on booze and the beginnings of our country that had me thinking. I have always been curious, throughout my whole life, about statistical consistency.  Are rates of “things” statistically consistent throughout time and space?  For example, are rates of alcoholism consistent in different times and different locations? Does a consistent percentage of the population drink to excess in different times, different locations, over the centuries?? Or is it situational? Do the numbers fluctuate greatly? Social science argues for some statistically stable level-say 8%. My own bias leans that way too. Yet in...

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What does that stand for?

Here’s a helpful item – Alphabet Soup from NC Department of Health and Human Services – A comprehensive list of acronyms compiled by our friends at Coastal Horizons and shared by the North Carolina Substance Use Disorder...

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