Author: Jimmy Cioe

Acceptance, Surrender, Compassion, Love, Bigger Picture

My mind’s been reeling in the years from all these Summits. Once again I see so much I don’t know where to start. Lord help me! In the immediate aftermath of a hard work-out I often experience a feeling of clarity-due to the lovely balancing of the happy brain chemicals that so rule our thoughts / feelings / lives.  Whatever issue I may be pondering or wrestling with, in the end my “balanced” state always goes back to one or two from a list of the usual (spiritual) suspects. Acceptance, Surrender, Compassion, Love, Bigger picture Then I turn on...

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Sleep/health talk (and the attendant vision of full health in all areas) brings me back to an article from William White, I recently re-read. There is a snapshot that I have in my mind, that I experienced in my life and in countless others, of full recovery, that is belied by segments of every side of these issues. This has even lopped over into the language of the new Recovery Movement and is sagaciously discussed in this essay, Rethinking the Characterization of Addiction as a “Relapsing Condition” from our go-to researcher/author Bill White (and Paula Davies Scimeca). It is not...

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Virtue Series – Part 12 (final)

PRECISION – involves exactness, accuracy and definiteness as opposed to purposeless activity, careless work and hazy thinking. Forethought, dependability, punctuality and thoroughness are hallmarks of the precise person. To remain a Virtue, however, precision must not become piddling fussiness, or a display of meticulousness which intolerantly compares those of lesser preciseness and strips away all beauty from every situation in order to exhibit...

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“To sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub.” – Hamlet

The thing about sleep that knocks me out is we don’t really know why we do it. We cannot definitively state exactly why we sleep. For some reason, I love that.  I find comfort that there are all sorts of things that exist and work but we actually don’t know the full how or why of. For example, over time, listening to computer guys, I realized there are parts inside a computer they don’t fully understand exactly why they work. They designed them, they built them, they work, they accomplish what they want but they don’t fully know how....

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Virtue Series – Part 11

EFFICIENCY – is the ability to deal effectively with one’s environment with a minimum expenditure of energy, time and materials. To become more efficient requires an alert interest in methods and techniques and the acquisition of skills through practice. Attention to organization of details and planning ahead are the mark of the efficient person. Precision is inseparable from...

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