Author: Jimmy Cioe

à bientôt

As they say on the farm, it’s time for me to “call the cows to some new grass.” I’m closing the door on this here job; laid off, as of the end of the year. This is my goodbye email to all of you. As I wrap up various details, striving to honor commitments, I’m struck with all the varied tasks I have worked on here and how much more there is to do. But life is a river, ever flowing, many things never completely “done”. And I am reminded by my spiritual teachers, “You can’t push the river.”...

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Huck & Tom

“Huck and Tom represent two viable models of the American Character. They exist side by side in every American and every American action. America is, and always has been, undecided about whether it will be the United States of Tom or the United States of Huck. The United States of Tom looks at misery and says: Hey, I didn’t do it. It looks at inequity and says: All my life I have busted my butt to get where I am, so don’t come crying to me. Tom likes kings, codified nobility, unquestioned privilege. Huck likes people, fair play, spreading...

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Confronting the Shadow in Recovery

I want to weigh in on this movie mogul assaulting women news story and I find it tough. Here goes: The film that put Miramax, Harvey Weinstein’s studio, on the map was the maniacally successful Pulp Fiction, which I never liked. Tarantino’s homage to B movies I kicked to the curb due to the film’s romantic glorification of heroin, which numerous films have done (plus it’s actual racist tones). Working in detox (two years after Fiction’s release), all I had to do -with certain clients- was wait patiently and then say the words, “Pulp Fiction”, and they’d start crying. That’s...

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