Author: Jimmy Cioe

Healing Transitions Community Cookout

Well managed, long-term, peer-run, social model influenced, embedded into the surrounding community, with an on-demand detox on-site, drug programs are one of my most favorite things on this good green earth. Healing Transitions in Raleigh is just such a place. They’re having a celebration in July so if you can, sign-up and then drop on by. Of course the fun’s free, but make sure you register here so they can plan...

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Bouncing Around

Years ago, I forget how it came up, a Peer asked, “You were a bouncer?” I’m not particularly large and there are assumptions we might make around something like that. Numerous years before that I was a roadie for my brother’s bar band. That means sooner or later you are a doorman. The band often receives the door and they want to get their fair share so they supply a doorman and that settles that. I was working a joint that had a bouncer and over time realized we were essentially partners, as in, if I do need help...

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Families Living with Addiction Survey

We are excited to announce the first nationwide survey designed to document the lives of family members of people in addiction and recovery from alcohol and other drugs. While much is known about the many costs of addiction and problematic drug use, we know very little about what happens to family members of those using or in recovery. The purpose of this study is to gather information about the experiences of family members. WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THE SURVEY? Anyone who considers themselves a family member, friend or loved one of a person who uses or is in recovery from...

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Down the Road to September

You’ll see more reminders from me as we work our way toward Addiction Recovery Month. First and foremost; if you have never planned a Recovery Rally and want to bring one to your area-there are guides that walk you through step-by-step. (Here, Here and Here) If you have questions, call me and if I can’t answer them there are others around the state who will support your efforts. Remember to: Get us your event info as you pin those details down. Feel free to send the basics (date, location) for early posting-with a follow-up as your details are finalized. My...

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