Author: Jimmy Cioe

Somebody Loan Me A Dime

J. B. Hutto landed on my desk like manna from heaven. I shall digress a bit but this is all about the great Joseph Benjamin. My favorite job ever was promoting concerts. A promoter means you are in charge of the whole magilla-you take all the responsibility. You hire the band-you get an agent to give you a date (or dates) with his act-you rent the hall, figure out advertising, catering, etc…. it’s gambling, a previous pastime. Every show you ever went to there was always a Promoter. A hero of mine, Bill Graham,  father of the Fillmore(s)  and many other innovations of the...

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Community Convening Guide

Facing Addiction has produced a Guide to provide organizing tools and amplification support for community forums held on this critical issue across the country in 2017 and beyond. The local forums will focus on the importance and urgency of implementing and scaling the use of evidence-based prevention, screening, and early intervention practices in local communities. You can download the guide...

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Recovery Housing Briefing

In March 2017, Facing Addiction, in partnership with Young People in Recovery, the Center for Social Innovation, the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, the National Council for Behavioral Health, Recovery Communities of North Carolina, and the California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professions, hosted a Congressional briefing on the efficacy and necessity of recovery housing. The forum, sponsored by the Congressional Addiction, Treatment & Recovery Caucus, was designed by Facing Addiction’s Legislation Working Group. As a tool to help educate congressional staff on recovery housing issues, a briefing book was designed and is available to everyone looking to learn...

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Addiction Dictionary Resource

Language binds us together. In matters both personal and professional, it is the words we choose that have a lasting impact and effect on our impressions of ourselves and others. Facing Addiction has partnered with the Recovery Research Institute (RRI) to help develop and amplify RRI’s resource tool, the ADDICTIONary. The ADDICTIONary is a comprehensive glossary of key terms, some well-known and others not, concerning addiction and recovery. You can access the...

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Our Communities, Our Stories, Our Recovery

My name is Delton Russell and I am a person in long-term recovery. What that means for me is that I have not used alcohol or other drugs since March 24, 1996. Being in recovery has afforded me many opportunities, such as developing a relationship with my mom. It feels awesome to have a mom now. It also has allowed me the opportunity to forgive my father, which is good because he passed 13 years ago, and recovery has taught me that holding onto anger, bitterness and resentment only serves to hurt me as resistance creates suffering. I now understand and accept that my father did what...

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All Things Recovery