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Our Communities, Our Stories, Our Recovery

My name is Delton Russell and I am a person in long-term recovery. What that means for me is that I have not used alcohol or other drugs since March 24, 1996. Being in recovery has afforded me many opportunities, such as developing a relationship with my mom. It feels awesome to have a mom now. It also has allowed me the opportunity to forgive my father, which is good because he passed 13 years ago, and recovery has taught me that holding onto anger, bitterness and resentment only serves to hurt me as resistance creates suffering. I now understand and accept that my father did what...

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“Flo has been an incredible friend to NC.”

Being a recovery guy, I was motivated to meet and build a recovery network for support, once I landed here in NC. Being a treatment counselor, people invariably said to me, “Well you have similar experience, you need to meet Worth.” “Worth?” I said, “His name’s Worth?” “Son, they said, you’re in the South now.” A wonderful name for a magnificent fellow, L. Worth Bolton, who said to me (after I mentioned I was looking for work), “Well, you might need to meet my Wife-Flo Stein.” Eventually I met an acolyte of Flo’s (who hired me) and eventually met...

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Mindfulness Workshop – Florence, SC

I have to put a plug in for my friend Jim Van Hecke’s (with co-presenter Leslie Temme) mindfulness training in SC. August 18th –info & registration here. “MINDFULNESS is NOT a panacea to cure all ills. BUT, it does help us focus on what is happening at the moment and allows us to be more fully present to whomever we are with or whatever situation we...

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Creativity, Wellness, Recovery and Beyond

That is the theme of this year’s NC One Community in Recovery conference and we have stupendous keynotes (more will be revealed). Plus, loads of learned presentations. It’s Wednesday November 8, 2017 from 1:00 PM to Friday November 10, 2017 at 3:00 PM, in Clemmons, NC The registration is live and you can sign up...

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i was not ready for new mexico

I was not ready for New Mexico. It’s not just a different culture, it’s different energy altogether.  Santa Fe, the state capital’s motto is, “The City Different.” Truly.  I mean I was coming from Detroit, could not be more different. Every part of this USA-maybe every state-is different. Minnesota is not New York not Wyoming not California not Texas…. New Mexico is; off the grid, no one thinks about it, third world poor in some ways, still gets by ok, sparsely populated (5th largest state physically with only 2,000,000 people total), actually is home to more people than that...

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