Author: Jimmy Cioe


Today-3/28-the day I’m writing this, at 7am driving in on I-40 there was 30 minutes of grid-lock due to an accident. I moved, which puts me on I-40 a lot more and I have got to say people; we’ve got some issues, we have some driving issues here in the Triangle: We tailgate- I mean even in the right lane even when you’re speeding somebody’s tailgating you. This is wrong. We swerve through traffic, zig-zagging at high speed, trying to get ahead.  We slam into little spaces in between two cars.  Watching it go on ahead of me I...

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For a while I’ve been in dialogue with Fellowship Hall, the respected, long-standing treatment center in Greensboro. We’d been talking about the recovery movement and how to grow recovery supports, how to grow wider circles of recovery supports within the area, how the provider network can contribute and that led to the upcoming Walk for Recovery, Sunday April 30th.  I want you to know about that, but I have to first point out that Greensboro already had a recovery rally. I know because since day one, people bring it up and tell me how much fun it was. Music...

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A Message on Opioid Recovery

A clarion call has gone out from Josh Stein, North Carolina’s Attorney General, in partnership with numerous stakeholders. From Healing Transitions to Recovery Communities plus harm reduction, provider networks and other recovery allies. As part of the work to raising awareness about the opioid crisis- to break stigma and improve care- stories are being solicited from anyone affected by this scourge and those in recovery from...

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Asking for action on RECOVERY

What is the most important action the North Carolina General Assembly can take to improve the lives of people in RECOVERY? We asked a few attendees of the NC Addiction Recovery Advocacy Day on February 28, 2017 hosted by the Recovery Communities of North...

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Acceptance, Surrender, Compassion, Love, Bigger Picture

My mind’s been reeling in the years from all these Summits. Once again I see so much I don’t know where to start. Lord help me! In the immediate aftermath of a hard work-out I often experience a feeling of clarity-due to the lovely balancing of the happy brain chemicals that so rule our thoughts / feelings / lives.  Whatever issue I may be pondering or wrestling with, in the end my “balanced” state always goes back to one or two from a list of the usual (spiritual) suspects. Acceptance, Surrender, Compassion, Love, Bigger picture Then I turn on...

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