This website is a resource for those interested in Recovery Support Technologies. Being as there are many pathways to recovery, technology offers one more avenue by which the behavioral health field can support recovery. The reach of recovery support services can be extended through the use of technologies (e.g., the web, smartphone apps, and cell phone), which is especially important for those individuals who reside in rural or remote areas and may have to wait to enter treatment services thus exacerbating their behavioral health conditions.

It should be noted these technologies are but in their infancy and are-like those in recovery-changing regularly. We will attempt to update and improve as time allows.

TIP 60: Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services

This manual assists clinicians with the implementation of technology-assisted care (TAC). It highlights the importance of using technology-based assessments and interventions in behavioral health treatment services. The manual also discusses how technology reduces barriers to accessing care. Access the literature review.

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SAMHSA’s free mobile apps will continue to be a source for apps and all things recovery tech.

Here’s ATTC’s take on ‘Implementing Technology to Improve Substance Use Disorder Services.

AXIS: Outpatient/Recovery Center Platform

This is a fully integrated software platform for outpatient and recovery centers that comes from a leading Peer Support non-profit and shows great promise. While providing cutting-edge service to people it also collects real time outcome data for your growth.

“AXIS is leading-edge digital technology that enables the care team to provide quality, continuous peer support for addiction recovery.”

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Step Away

Here’s a free app from that supports sobriety-with a different approach.

Step Away: Mobile Intervention for Alcohol Addiction

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is free and getting good grades for service. A multi-purpose site-this app offers a Sober Social Network, a peer support network and more.

AA Meeting Guide

We’ll start with a simple yet far-reaching app; one that locates the closest AA meetings, wherever you are, anywhere in the USA.

“A free mobile app for iOS and Android. Designed to be simple, fast, and help you find AA meetings wherever you are (provided we have the data).”

NA Meeting Guide

NA Meeting Search is an application developed to help find an NA Meeting anywhere around the world. Also bundled with this app is the daily Just For Today meditations.

Anglestrong Recovery Management App

Free supports from wrestling giant Kurt Angle – created by him for others after wrestling with his own substance use.

This app provides multiple supports, in the form of check-ins, reports, goal & other reminders (recovery anniversary’s and more), lifelines (connection with supports), chat (that includes Anglestrong members) and more.

FlexDek: MAT Edition (2016 SAMHSA Opioid Recovery App Challenge First Place Winner)

Here is a medication assisted recovery app that shows great promise.

Rumor has it this app aided Mr. Angle’s early recovery and inspired him to create his own app.

“The app is built around a Console features tools strengthening awareness, self-care and accountability to the users and their chosen friends, family and care-givers. These tools open multiple pathways for continued development and support and include:

  • Check-In for self-report of survey items.
  • Coaches, both from the user’s social support group and professionals can be selected by the user to enhance accountability in order to strengthen resolve and reduce relapse.
  • Resources to ensure up-to-date information is available to users, including articles, research and latest news.
  • Forums for users to read and post articles to share experience strength and hope in the treatment and recovery of opioid addiction.
  • Meeting schedules and locations with organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Scheduling that interacts with the user’s phone calendar to keep track of appointments, medication schedules and personal goals.”

Sobriety Counter

How about a Sobriety Counter?  An easy way to tally up your recovery days.

Online App Gives Felons a Fresh Start

For ex-offenders, this platform helps people reduce or dismiss nonviolent convictions by submitting crime information to public defenders, streamlining a process that can take months and multiple visits to a county courthouse.
This app is working and based in California, does not cover North Carolina yet, but will grow over time to include the whole nation.

A tool that clears the way for employment, purging background checks of non-relevant past issues.
Developed by Code for America, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that works to improve government services through technology.

“Mostly we’ve seen people who were dealing with addiction in a period in their life. …They just want to erase any barriers and move on,” said attorney Jenny Montoya Tansey, director of safety and justice for Code for America.
“Failure to secure sustainable employment and housing is a key reason that people re-enter prison,” she said.

Meditation made Simple

Mindfulness apps are all the rage-growing as we speak, is free and shows great promise.

Billed as, “A personal meditation guide, right in your pocket.” For the mobile life-style.


Here’s a more technical app, of use for those in pre-contemplation. AlcoDroid is an alcohol consumption tracker, drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator.

AlcoDroid also provides an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the drinks you’ve logged, plots your BAC development in a chart and indicates when you get below the legal limit or back to sobriety, among other things.

What is an app?

A “shortcut” for your phone or pad. Your “mobile” devices.

The word “app” is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the internet, on your computer, or on your phone or any other electronic device. The word “app” is a more modern usage, but this is really the same thing as a software program.

In modern use, most people refer to apps as applications or software programs that run specifically on phones or other mobile devices.

App Tips & Guidelines
Apps come and go in this brand new field. Sustained research will lead you to newly created software better than before. As we discover the best new apps we shall post here.

Some apps are free, some apps charge-often a small amount. We are focusing on free apps – unless otherwise stated.

Some of the best apps offer multiple services-from daily spiritual writings all the way to live chat rooms.

We are not posting treatment-services apps that take you to counselors and therapists for hire. Just know that is a growing area and reputable assistance is there for those who need an online presence.

We are attempting to round up multiple pathways, a variety of groups/ideas/disciplines. Rest assured, diversity will continue to be strongly represented in this world so google away if you are looking for something more specific.